Edward Avery is a perennial schemer who will do whatever it takes to advance his own career. He’s spent years building his power base, often clashing with Kensington to get what he wants. His greatest desire is to join the Patriarchs, a shadowy coalition of influential men who discreetly rule the Virgin Islands. Unfortunately for Avery, Kensington is a member of the Patriarchs, and has been undermining Avery’s attempts to gain entry into their ranks at every turn. Admitting to having information about Neville (but not much else), Avery knows that he can damage Kensington’s position, and in Christopher he has found a means to his end. An uneasy alliance is formed between Avery and Christopher to destabilize Kensington’s position, sabotage his areas of influence – and cause the other lords of the region to lose their faith in him, opening up a seat that Avery will gladly take.
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