“Blood-fist Brady” was once widely considered to be the toughest pirate aboard Captain Neville’s black ship, a man with a volcanic temper and an unbelievable capacity for sudden, shocking violence. He was once built like a bear – and he’s still just as hard to kill – but since Neville’s crew disappeared, he has become flabby, and his constant boozing has dulled his mind. Still, Brady’s intimidating bulk and commitment to murder as a first option has kept him in booze and coin long after Neville disappeared. His absolute lack of compassion allows him to commit heinous acts that would give even hardened killers pause. Like most of Neville’s men, he has never managed to climb as high as he did when he was sailing with the Tines. Despite being on his own, he’s still managed to do well for himself as a pirate, thug for hire, and overall professional criminal. Recently, his search for easy riches has led him to a foreboding archipelago of native islands – and no one has seen him since.
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