Charlotte came to the Caribbean years ago as an innocent, wide-eyed girl. It didn’t take long for her to learn that innocence was dealt with quickly and harshly in the unforgiving archipelago. She became a nun, seeking refuge from the cruelties of the world by serving the church. Later, she chose to serve at a remote monastery located on the island of Santa Muerte, an island mostly populated by savages. She thrived there despite the wildness of the island, faithfully caring for the needy, the ill and the downcast, but the savage tribes there have been encroaching further and further towards her humble monastery. Charlotte’s pious nature conceals a past full of pain, one that she had hoped to leave far behind. Little does she know that her long sought-after peace will soon be shattered, as Christopher Raven’s bloody quest envelopes her world like thunderclouds over a calm sea.
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