Christopher Raven has been called many things: smuggler, thief, pirate, killer… and he couldn’t care less. He’s cared about very little since he was a child, when a bloody act of revenge robbed him of his family, severed his hand, and nearly took his life. Tormented by the past, his chance at revenge stolen from him, he spends his days sailing and fighting, and his nights drinking and brooding over that bloody afternoon decades ago. Consumed with darkness, Christopher has spent the years drowning his demons in a bottle while growing into a callous, vicious man. He’s been content to live the life of a sword for hire, until one day, a random encounter offers him the chance to finally obtain his long sought-after revenge. Possessed by a single-minded purpose, Christopher embarks on a bloody quest for revenge, tracking down the men who stole his life. Christopher’s hatred fuels his journey across the Caribbean, which will lead him to his ultimate revenge…and the very depths of evil.
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