Pete – or “Black Pete” as he prefers to be called, is the proverbial gutter rat of the underworld, constantly sniffing out juicy rumors for his own gain. He used to be a fairly successful lesser pirate, but the long days spent at sea bored him, and the discipline that captains required annoyed him. Nowadays he sticks to more petty fare; raiding a poorly guarded ship, or cutting the throat of a tired merchant in the streets. Pete is exactly the kind of trash that gives Port Royal it’s bloody, lawless reputation. Pete is rarely seen without his knives. The blades are perfect for carrying out his favorite style of fighting; up close, and extremely nasty. Pete openly enjoys taking out his frustrations on women, despite being a regular at Maria’s brothel. He is only tolerated by the working girls due to his steady business and generous payments, but no one truly comprehends the level of evil hiding behind his nasty smirk.
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