Santorio was once an up and coming Navy Lieutenant, known for showing no mercy to pirates. Religious and austere, he saw pirates as everything that’s wrong with the Caribbean. Unfortunately for Santorio, he was too successful at his profession. The incorruptible soldier’s hardline stance on pirates and corruption became a thorn in the side of many men. Believing in law and order, the betrayal that came from his own superiors caught Santorio completely off guard, and ended in a night of violence that left his wife and daughter dead. The fact that his superiors used pirates to do the deed was the ultimate slap in the face. Santorio survived, and left the Navy with one thought on his mind – killing as many pirates as he could. With a motley crew of ex-soldiers and mercenaries for hire, he became a vigilante, hunting down pirates and using the captured spoils to pay his men. Santorio sometimes makes deals with “lesser evils” to achieve his aims, but he never forgets his ultimate goal.
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