Weedy is a scumbag even by the Devil’s Tines standards, a man who was always the first to take advantage of a helpless woman, and the last to jump into a fight to help his “brothers”. Debauched and gluttonous, this revolting man found himself at a loss once Neville disappeared from the Caribbean. Too inept to be a competent thief, too stupid to be a successful con-man and too weak and unskilled to be a blade for hire, Weedy ended up a pathetic has-been, hanging around the wretched pirate hideout known as the “Brigands’ Den”, where he regales all who will listen with stories of his time sailing with the Devil’s Tines. His days are filled with rum, wine, and – if the day is lucky – whiskey. Living off of past glories, his life is about to change dramatically when Christopher Raven catches up with him.
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