• An epic storyline set in the 18th century Caribbean, with a brutal anti-hero and sinister villains.
  • Hours of immersive videos and cut-scenes.
  • Open-world gameplay, complete with free-sailing and dozens of locations to explore on both land and sea.
  • Player notoriety system will affect how other characters react, how heavily a player will be hunted in a given area, and even perks and skill trees will be affected depending on Christopher’s current reputation.
  • Dynamic combat system with combos, slow-motion effects, finishing moves and a large arsenal of melee and ranged weapons, including Christopher’s hook and sword.
  • Complex skill tree with a multitude of branching upgrades to enhance your tactics, combat moves, weapons, ships, and your raven.
  • Upgrade ships in a variety of ways, including retrofitting your hull for extra provisions and increased defense, multiple types of ship repairs, upgradeable cannons, sails and more.
  • Realistic economic system with a wide variety of merchants and trading posts located throughout the Caribbean.
  • Highly interactive game world with numerous opportunities for sea battles, looting and pillaging, treasure hunts and exploration.
  • Dozens of side-quests scattered throughout the colonies, from secret pirate hideouts to savage cannibal camps.

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