The Game

Step into the boots of the vicious pirate Christopher Raven and get revenge on the men who killed your family and took your hand. Explore the Caribbean on land and sea, slaying your enemies with a combination of blades, bullets and cannon-fire. Vendetta’s free-flowing combat system allows you to dispatch your foes in a variety of brutal ways; use blocks, counters, parries, pistols, combos and devastating finishing moves utilizing Christopher’s hook to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies. Even your raven can be used to confuse and blind your foes, leaving them open for a well-placed sword strike, or a bullet from your trusty flintlock. Set sail on your fully customizable ship, and hunt for treasure, intercept and loot ships, or go on a rampage in free-sailing mode. Buy and sell weapons at one of the merchant shops, collect herbs and create potions with the alchemy skill, and gain experience to upgrade your fighting moves and skills.



Open Sea

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