Equipment & Crew

A successful pirate captain knows that his equipment and crew are everything. Collect stat boosting amulets, weapons and clothing, and unlock stronger weapons as you progress through the game and earn experience. Hire your crew to suit your play-style, and keep them alive and together to turn your motley crew into a disciplined team of sailors. Hire specific types of crew to increase specific stats on your ship; first officers can affect sailing speed, a boatswain can increase cannon damage and reloading time, and a good doctor can save your men’s lives when they are injured in a sea-battle. There are many types of sailors, and each one has pros and cons, so choose your men wisely. Experienced men aren’t cheap, however, and must be paid, well-fed, and their morale kept high. An unhappy crew can be a mutinous one, so keeping an eye on your crew’s morale is crucial to your success.
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