Ship Cargo

Your ship’s cargo-hold is a valuable source of income in Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry. As you make your way across the Caribbean, you will come across many exotic goods to buy, sell and collect, but your cargo-hold is only as big as your ship. Small ships packed with crewmembers will have much less room for your ill-gotten gains. Upgrade the “pack-rat” skill to expand your hold and store even more valuable goods. Coffee, tea, cannabis, rum, cocoa and dozens of other goods can be obtained in your travels, and they all have a street value. Vendetta’s economic system ensures that rare or highly sought-after goods will fetch the highest price, but pay attention to the local market. Ports with a surplus of a particular item will not net you a high return if you sell your goods in an already flooded market. Learn what items are in demand, and sell your sundries there, or buy surplus items at a low price and sail elsewhere to get the most money for your goods.
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